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Welcome to our Comany!

iMedia is an innovative startup company located in Tirana, Albania focusing on delivering measurable results! We believe that on the Internet, measuring the results is as trivial as it could be, hence we strive for perfection! iMedia was firstly launched in November 2011 as part of Celesi Media Group and very quickly, thanks to the professional staff and excellent services we have won the trust of many big companies in Albania and abroad.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we are always looking for new ventures and innovation that’s why, thanks to our skilled programmers, we have launched the first video advertising platform in Albania which will revolutionize the Albanian web-o-sphere, seeing that there are many publishers with unique video content who need a way to monetize their traffic.

Technology is us. There is no separation. It’s a pure expression of human creative will. It doesn’t exist anywhere else in the universe. I’m rather sure of that.

Why choose iMedia?


Young and energetic web designers & developers aficionados of web technology. Persistent to complete a qualitative project


Experienced and professional staff that could give you best suggestions and fresh ideas about computerizing your business

iMedia is part of  “Çelesi Media Group” which operates in the Albanian market since 1998. During these years, ÇELESI, which means the “key” in Albanian, has been the leading content provider of the practical information sector in Albania, covering its 5 main fields: C2C, B2C, B2B, art & culture events and tourism. By the end of 2012, ÇELESI became the first and unique print-web-mobile integrated platform in Albania.

Our Features

Web Technologies

  • CMS Frameworks

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SPIP, Umbraco

  • E-commerce frameworks

Magento, OsCommerce, ZenCart, Presta Shop

  • Languages & Scripts

AJAX, JQuery, XML, Web Services, DHTML/HTML, HTML5, CSS 2.0, CSS 3.0, Java script, C#

  • Open Source Projects

phpBB, PHPNuke, Mambo

  • Libraries

log4php, NuSOAP, ImageMagick, PEAR, Ffmpeg…

  • Testing & Debugging


Hosting Features

  • Database

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL

  • Web Server

Apache, IIS

  • Email Services

Web-Mail for each new domain (10 emails free)

Apache SpamAssassin

Roundcube, Horde, SquirreMail

Mobile Apps Features

  • Platforms

Native Android, PhoneGap, Visual Studio, Xcode

  • Android

Java, HTML, JavaScript

  • Apple iOS

Objective C++, Swift

  • Windows Mobile