Navigate your business to success with precision using our geo-marketing expertise.

iMedia is a 360° communication & marketing agency.
Being aware of our specific position, on one hand in between the new Albanian consumer and new Albanian business, on the other hand in between the opening Albanian market and international investors interests, we have developed the sense of a tangible “ubiquity”, which constitutes the basis of our approach and philosophy:

  • Providing local know – how, while using global standards and values.
  • Enlarging the range of services, while mastering each of them.
  • Achieving business outcomes, while enhancing consumer satisfaction.
  • Touching the future while optimizing the present.
    This perceptions represent our commitment to the clients and customers. These commitments allow us to offer the
    unique performance to the unique clients, as we consider each one of you.

Our Geo-Marketing services:

  • Quantitative mapping of consumers and businesses
  • Qualitative assessment and mapping of consumers
  • Catchment Studies

Geo-Marketing Services Applications :

  • Setting the display of a new network of POS / branches in a specific territory
  • Restructuring of POS / branches of an existing network
  • POS/Branch marketing activities for specific target groups
  • Consumer demographic quantitative data, geographic distribution and qualitative segmentation
  • Business contacts database by area and business category
  • Optimization of market and consumer coverage
  • Procuring competitive advantages
  • Increasing cross-selling rates
  • Measure and compare the performance of the POS / branches of a network in relation to
    the potential of the coverage area of each single POS / branch.


We provide quantitative Geo - Demographic data and analysis, through our exclusive MAP INFO tool up to date data for household units, consumers and number of businesses for every area of interest in all the Albanian territory


  • Number of households for each area of interest
  • Number of consumers for each area of interest
  •  Number of businesses within the area, including their VAT number,
    business category, business address and contacts.
  • Number and mapping of competitors within the area.


Qualitative GEO-Demographic Assessment:
Qualitative Geo-Demographic assessment service provides information related to consumers’ economic level, enabling for businesses to target the right consumers for a product or a service according to their geographical distribution in a given urban territory.


  • Identification of the Economic level of consumers present in
    every area of interest
  • Number of consumers by economic level
  • Geolocation of the targeted consumer

Catchment Study is the identification of the coverage area for each business unit or every POS / branch of a network, populating each area with quantitative and qualitative geo-located consumer, business and competitor detailed information. This analysis is an indispensable decision making support tool for analyzing, evaluating and optimizing the distribution, performance and competitiveness of your network of POS / branch or services.

This solution provides all the necessary information for strategic decisions and actions.


  • Number of Consumers per area and per economic level
  • Number of businesses per area.
  • Database of business contacts per area and per business category
  • Competitors’mapping per area
  • Evaluation of the predominant nature of the area (commercial, business, industrial, residential, entertainment)
  • Pedestrian and vehicles flow and access level of every POS / branch
  • Parking facilities near every POS / branch
  • Identification of the areas not covered by your POS / branches network and their business potential
  • Identification of the level of overlapping coverage between the POS / branches of your network.
  • Assess and compare the potential of each single POS / branch area which provides you with a unique and exclusive tool to compare their actual performance against their potential in relation with the area covered and with the performance of the other POS / braches of your own network.

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