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we create customized solutions for your brand

What ?

Strategic thinking and Creative Design. Offline and online marketing solutions. Customized approach and cutting edge solutions for every client need. Everythink you need, iMedia Marketing Agency offers!

Who ?

iMedia Marketing Agency, part of Celesi Media Group  is a full cycle advertising agency. After 20 years of hard work, we proudly announce that our clients not only include a wide range of companies, but day by day have expanded in their demands toward publicity & marketing solutions. Our mission  is to give every client his tailor made solution. All this while preserving the brand essence by adding nurture to the relationship between brands and their target. We love your brand !

How ?

Being aware of our specific position, on one hand in between the new Albanian consumer, and new Albanian business, on the other hand in between the opening Albanian market and foreign investor interests, we developed the sense of tangible “ubiquity”:

-Knowing from inside while observing from outside

-Providing local know-how while using global standards and values

-Touching the future while optimizing the present

-Achieving business outcomes while enhancing consumer satisfaction

-Enlarging the range of services while mastering each of them

These perceptions represent our commitments to the clients and consumers.

These commitments allow us to offer the unique performance to the unique clients, as we consider You.

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